The Future of Learning and How eLearning Will Transform Your Speaking and Training Business

The Future of Learning and How eLearning Will Transform Your Speaking and Training Business

Discover the most recent trends that are transforming the speaking and training business and take part in the optional bonus workshop to learn the secrets to creating amazing, high-value elearning products from Canada’s foremost authority on the subject!

Existing speakers are looking for opportunities to leverage their expertise to reach larger audiences, while reducing the number of days they are on the road.

Emerging speakers are considering how to tap into the latest in learning technology to leapfrog other providers and help them stand out from the crowd.

It’s easy to dismiss eLearning and think that live in-person audiences will always be the dominant way to monetize your expertise. Forward thinkers are beginning to see the potential of combining eLearning and live training to create powerful hybrid solutions that actually deliver the maximum value customers are seeking when they hire you to grow the capabilities of their team.

Get ready to discover:

  • How learning is being transformed by innovation, elearning, blended learning, micro-learning, virtual reality and augmented reality.
  • The latest statistics on the exponential growth of eLearning.
  • Why formal classroom type training only encompasses 10% of how people actually learn – and how you can tap into an additional 70% of performance support.
  • How mobile learning is expected to reach a critical mass of learners in the near future.
  • The top three eLearning tools used today.
  • How the Internet of Things will impact learning.
  • How micro-learning allows your audience to learn new skills on demand and exactly when they need them.
  • How virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality are beginning to impact conventional training in leading global corporations.
  • ** Janet will be bringing her latest gear so you can experience virtual/augmented reality at Thursday’s Session **
  • The Characteristics of today’s modern learner.
  • The concept of learning communities and how you can engage them.
  • Why most eLearning fails to deliver on its potential.
  • Typical design time estimates for various eLearning options.
  • How to bring your personality alive in the eLearning environment.
  • How micro-learning allows your audience to learn new skills on demand and exactly when they need them.
  • How virtual reality and augmented reality are beginning to impact conventional training in leading global corporations.
  • Why recording your voice over a PowerPoint presentation is perhaps the least effective eLearning you can create.
  • The key components of eLearning that maximize learner engagement and provide knowledge and skills transfer.
  • How to help your customers extract maximum value from the live training you provide by using eLearning either as foundational pre-work or post-training performance support.
  • The tools that are readily available that can help you create engaging eLearning experiences.
  • How to use eLearning as a hedge against irrelevance as the market shifts away from conventional training solutions.

Janet Stewart has been an entrepreneur for more than three decades. She has put her money where her mouth is, having transitioned her successful training and coaching business into an eLearning focused enterprise that partners with leading organizations to use the latest learning technologies to support high performance.

Janet and her team have had more than 5,000 learners complete eLearning courses through their client’s online courses.

Janet has also hired fellow CAPS members when her clients request specific training topics.


Special Value-Added eLearning Intensive Workshop on Friday, November 10th 

If you are serious about digging into how to include eLearning into your business model, join Janet Stewart and other visionary colleagues in a full-day workshop on Friday, November 10th at Four Point London.

Special pricing is available when you commit early. You’ll also have an opportunity to register at the November 9th evening event (space permitting).

Bonus Workshop Timing: Friday, November 10th, 9 AM to 3 PM with lunch included. The 1-hour lunch gives you the opportunity to connect with your colleagues. Location is Four Points London.

Bonus Workshop Content and Key Take Aways

  • Know the differences between the various digital learning options and when to use each:
  • Live webinars
  • Recorded webinars
  • E-learning courses (self-directed)
  • E-learning courses (facilitated)
  • Blended learning solutions
  • Immersive technologies
  • Understand when you need an LMS (Learning Management System) and when you don’t
  • Understand the difference between effective and ineffective e-learning courses
  • Have a solid “visual” of effective e-learning techniques;
  • Know the key steps required to create a quality e-learning course;
  • Be exposed to rapid development tools like PowerPoint, Articulate Storyline, Screenflow, Camtasia and others;
  • Understand the importance of integrating visual assets into the training design:§  Video
  • Animated videos (Videoscribe, Nawmal, etc)
  • Graphics
  • Identify how long your course will be and what the key learning objectives are;
  • Create a learner profile;
  • Learn how to create a “storyboard” to map out your course;
  • Know when and how to use “branching” techniques;
  • Use your inner creative tools to design stories and characters to “carry” your course;
  • Build quizzing and other elements of gamification into your course design;
  • Have a road-map to get started on your first e-learning course.

This is our regular bi-monthly business building session and runs from 5:00 PM to 7:45 PM, followed by social time in the hotel bar. CAPS members are invited to meet for an hour prior to the session start in order to share opportunities and challenges they might be facing in their businesses.


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November 9, 2017
5:00 PM - 7:45 PM


Janet Stewart


Four Points London
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