Past Business Building Events in 2016

Past Business Building Events in 2016

Thank you to all the presenters, members and attendees who helped make 2016 a success for CAPS Southwestern Ontario.

If you missed it, here is a quick recap:

January 2016 – The Neuroscience of Engagement – Deri Latimer, CSP, the 2016 CAPS National President joined us to share strategies on how to maximize audience engagement by tapping into the emotional impact your content and delivery can have on the participant. Deri openly shared her own business model which has expanded around several core subject areas.

March 2016 – The Reinvention Code – Gair Maxwell delivered this top-rated session at the CAPS Convention in Halifax in December 2015. In this session Gair challenges us to expand the impact we can have on the broadest possible audience by harnessing the human to human marketing impact of the internet.

May 2016 – Building Your Million Dollar Online Business – Martin Latulippe, CSP revealed how he has built a global online business. While many speakers and trainers talk about doing this, Martin has done it and showed us the formula he uses.

July 2016 – CAPS Member Social – We had great conversation and even squeezed in some business discussion.

September 2016 – From Airports to Keyboard: How to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Online Business – Dan Martell joined us and shared his formula for easily monetizing your expertise online. This was the third and final instalment following Gair Maxwell and Martin Latulippe.

November 2016 – The Business Behind the Speaker – We had Tom Stoyan, HoF and Peri Shawn, the dynamic husband and wife couple talk about how to build an enduring speaking business. They answered questions related to sales, product development and behind the scenes realities of their businesses.

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