Past Business Building Events in 2017

Past Business Building Events in 2017

Thank you to all the presenters, members and attendees who are helping make 2017 a success for CAPS Southwestern Ontario.

If you missed it, here is a quick recap:

January 2017 – You, Me, We: Lead Tomorrow’s Legacy Today – Suzanne Stevens, CSP, the 2017 CAPS National President joined us to share insights into how to align your business with making the world a better place. Innovative ideas included how to include not for profit attendees in a corporate training event to advance the client’s corporate responsibility footprint.

March 2017 – Making Money in Your Pajamas: Getting On The Right Track With Webinars – Rhonda Scharf, CSP shared her expertise in how to utilize webinars to monetize your message in a new way. Her proven track record generating revenue from webinars made for a great event.

May 2017 – Find Your Video Voice – Melissa Schenk shared her expertise in how to capture your unique perspective in video.

September 2017 – Get More Business Beyond the Stage – Jean Marie DiGiovanna joined us from Colorado to help us create engaging workshops, webinars and virtual programs.

November 2017 – Future of Learning and eLearning – Janet Stewart joined us from Ottawa to help us understand the latest trends in learning and how eLearning can supplement live training to create maximum impact for clients.

Be sure to watch for future CAPS sessions here on the website and by visiting our Eventbrite page at capsswo.eventbrite.ca

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