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    CAPS is an association of professional speakers that promotes professionalism, positive partnering opportunities and prosperity.

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    Professional speaking is challenging and exciting but can also be isolating. Membership in CAPS offers you a forum, a connection, friendships, and colleagues.

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    CAPS Southwestern Ontario is a community of speakers, coaches, consultants - experts who speak on a wide variety of subjects.


Sarah Hilton

Monetize Your Message and Expertise with the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers – Southwestern Ontario Chapter!

If you are looking to connect with other experts to expand your reach, impact and revenue by growing your speaking, training, coaching or consulting business we invite you to consider joining CAPS. Many of our members have built successful speaking, training, consulting and coaching businesses and we are a community that shares the secrets to success.

Unlike many of your friends and family members, CAPS understands what you do for a living and we have a genuine desire to connect and collaborate to increase your reach and monetize your message.

Whether you have already built a successful business or beginning the journey to take your expertise and experience into the marketplace, you’ll discover a network of successful members and professional development workshops locally, nationally and internationally.

Please reach out to me or any of our members to get connected to our community. We offer development workshops on the first Monday of every other month – January, March, May, September and November. In July we have a members-only social and in August we have an open breakfast meeting for anyone interested in the speaking business.

Exclusive Member Benefits – Impact Sessions and Roundtable Sessions – On alternating months, members are invited to meet on the first Friday of the month to discuss how they are applying the knowledge they gain from the programming sessions and to share opportunities and challenges with fellow members. This ad-hoc masterminding opportunity helps you accelerate your business goals. In addition, members are invited to meet for one hour in advance of the regular meetings. In this round table discussion you can bring any unique challenges or opportunities and get instant feedback and helpful suggestions based on the experience and expertise of your fellow CAPS members.

Be sure to join our mailing list on the right side of this page and we’ll keep you updated on upcoming events!

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Featured Speakers

Bob Parker
Creator of the Pit Crew Challenge experiential learning program - one of the best organizational development programs in the world!

Greg Schinkel
Improves safety, quality, productivity and employee involvement by developing the leadership skills of front line supervisors, managers and team leaders.

Susanne Hemet
Energize your team with wisdom from the herd taught by a life-long horsewoman and successful entrepreneur!

Douglas Vincent
A successful entrepreneur and third-generation family business graduate, with the empathy & ability to help pinpoint and resolve family harmony & relationship concerns.

Sylvia Plester-Silk
Helping you become the Company of Choice for Employees! On Purpose!

Jane Atkinson
Author of "The Wealthy Speaker 2.0" and "The Epic Keynote", Jane helps Professional Speakers catapult their business